Forest Hills Cup

Our annual tournament series provides a fun, yet competitive environment to ignite member participation and involvement at Forest Hills Golf Club. The schedule for the 2020 cup is posted below!

Past Champions

  • 2011 Champion: PJ Testino
  • 2012 Champion: PJ Testino
  • 2013 Champion: Ed Payne
  • 2014 Champion: PJ Testino
  • 2015 Champion: Art Taft
  • 2016 Champion: Ken Moody
  • 2017 Champion: Art Taft
  • 2018 Champion: Ed Payne
  • 2019 Champion: Steve Pokrywka

Attention Members

The Jim Clark Cup (formerly the Forest Hills Cup) returns for its 9th season.  The mission of the Jim Clark Cup Tournament Series is to provide a fun, yet competitive environment that will ignite member participation and involvement with Forest Hills Golf Club.

How it works

Participants earn points in two different areas:  participation and ranking in the tournament. There are 3 participation points given for each tournament played.  Points are awarded for the following placements:

1st place: 25pts
2nd place: 20pts
3rd place: 18pts
4th place: 16pts
5th place: 14pts
6th place: 12pts
7th place: 10pts
8th place: 9pts
9th place: 8pts
10th place: 7pts
11th place: 6pts
12th place: 5pts
13th place: 4pts
14th place: 3pts
15th place: 2pts
16th place 1pt

*A USGA handicap is required to play in events.  (See below for explanation)

The top ten golfers at the end of the year will be eligible for the shootout.  After each Tournament there will be $3.00 from every player put in an end of the year shootout fund.

Rules of Play

*Required USGA Handicap

All players playing in any Cup event are required to have a USGA Handicap.

*Selection of Designated Tees

In an effort to provide a fair playing ground for the entire field, each player will be required to select a tee to compete from and play to the Playing Handicap from that tee with an established USGA Handicap.


  • 59 & Under: WHITE TEES
  • 60-69: SILVER TEES
  • 70 & Over: GREEN TEES

It is the goal of Forest Hills Golf Club to provide a fair and equitable environment for tournament competition.  These new USGA handicap modifications, along with the posting of Cup Scores by the staff as Tournament scores, will provide the foundation for a fair and enjoyable tournament series.

Cross Country (2 Man Scramble)

Cross Country (2 Man Scramble)

Entry Fee: $25.00
Date: February 22nd, 2020


2 Man Scramble over modified golf course


  • 59 & Under: WHITE TEES
  • 60-69: SILVER TEES
  • 70 & Over: GREEN TEES

*Based on Cup Designated Tee Selection

Prize Distribution:

33% of the field will receive prize money

Tie Breakers:

In the event of a tie, Forest Hills will use the USGA recommended procedure of breaking of a tie.  Back nine total score, followed by last six holes, followed by the last three holes.

Match Play Qualifier
Match Play
One Day Member-Guest
Bubba Ball (One Man Scramble)
Individual Net + Putts
The Stableford
2020 Member-Member
2020 Two Day Club Championship
Individual Net (9 holes)