COVID-19 Notice


As a preventative measure, we are allowing players to take individual carts if they desire. With that being said, we will be limited to the amount of carts that will be available daily. After all carts have been distributed, we will then be walking only for the remainder of the day. This will allow our staff to clean and sanitize the carts for the next day’s use. Obviously, if you desire to ride when playing golf, a morning tee time is highly recommended.

In an effort to minimize contact, we are asking all of our customers to consider calling in advance for a tee time and using credit as a payment method. We are urging our members to charge all transactions to their account or their method of payment on file. All customers including members and guest, please call us in advance if you are planning on playing golf, as we are trying to eliminate walk-ins.

The following are precautions that the club staff has already implemented:

  • The food and beverage operations have gone to take-out only, with a limited menu
  • Carts are being sanitized before use.
  • A foam pool noodle has been placed inside each holes cup to allow easy removal of the golf ball and no contact with the flag stick. We are urging golfers to leave the flagstick in the hole.
  • Entry way to the golf shop is open to prevent contact with the door handles.
  • Water coolers have been removed from the golf course.
  • We are limiting the number of customers to two (2) at a time in the golf shop.
  • Our facilities, including the practice areas, are limited to members of the club and those playing golf that day
  • Limiting the number of golfers on the practice green and range to under 10.
  • The sand bunker rakes have been removed.

The goal of the staff at Forest Hills is to remain open and provide an outdoor venue for your enjoyment during this time. With your cooperation in the above stated matters, there is a good chance for continued golf in Augusta.

Thank you for supporting Forest Hills Golf Club.